Saturday, December 26, 2015

Biographical Information

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1. Former CEO of City Metro Enterprises, a national agency specializing in the distribution of promotional materials. Clients included major advertising agencies, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Studios, Moneygram.

2. Congressional candidate in 2004. Chuck ran against Rep. Barney Frank in Massachusetts.

3. Radio host at the following stations:

WROL-AM - Salem Radio -Quincy
WPKZ-AM - Fitchburg
WSMN-Nashua, NH
WBNW-Money Matters - Needham
WDIS - Norfolk
 USA Radio Networks. 

Named to the Talkers Magazine list of Heavy 100 top radio talk show hosts and as Communicator of the Year by the Right to Work Committee in 2003.

4. Author of books available at Chuck Morse Book Page

5. Employee benefits adviser appointed by Aflac: Blog

6. Host of "Chuck Morse Speaks" at BNN-TV: Archive

7. Lives in Boston with his wife and teenage daughter.