Monday, March 13, 2017

McCarthyism of Al Franken, Left Undermines American Interests

McCarthyism of Al Frankin, Left Undermines American Interests

Image: McCarthyism of Al Frankin, Left Undermines American Interests
U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy (1909-57). (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)
By Chuck MorseMonday, 13 Mar 2017 12:53 PMMore Posts by Chuck Morse
Senator Al Franken, D-Minnesota, while pushing the fake conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia, routinely asks Republican nominees if they had any Russian contacts. He asked Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions if he had contact with Russians on behalf of the Trump campaign. Sessions answered honestly when he said no, however, and as is normal for any Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he had plenty of contact with the Russian Ambassador in that capacity. If the Democrats are successful in pulling off their Russia hoax, then Franken and the Democrats might be able to make the case for perjury.
They have not, however, made the case as even Obama Director of Intelligence James Clapper admits that his investigation of these charges came up with no evidence.
The tactic employed by Franken harkens back to the congressional hearings hosted by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, R-Wisconsin, back in the 1950’s, when he asked government officials if they had contact with Russia, except for one difference.
Joe McCarthy was right.
Senators John F. Kennedy, D-Mass., Lyndon B. Johnson, D-Texas, Hubert H. Humphrey, D-Minnesota, as well as others inside and outside of government agreed with McCarthy’s contention that many government employees, starting in the 1930’s, had secretly colluded with Soviet Russia. Indeed, the de-classified Venona intercepts and the opening of Russian archives in the 1990’s proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that American officials did collude with Communist Russia. Many of those same officials, among them FDR’s Under Secretary of State Alger Hiss and his Under Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, had put the interests of both Stalin and, I might add, Adolf Hitler over those of their own country in the first two years of World War II.
It was during this period, Aug. 1939-June 1941, that the international left was essentially allied with Nazi Germany. After the war, the clear majority of Americans, including many prominent liberals, wanted this conspiracy investigated. The far left mocked Americans, accusing them of paranoia, of seeing a Red under every bed.
Now the shoe is on the other foot. Now the left sees a Russian under every bed.
But in a sense the enemies of McCarthy back then are the same as the enemies of President Donald Trump today. They sought to destroy McCarthy for his audacity in defending American interests in the same way that they now seek to damage Trump’s ability to do the same, to put Americans and American interests first. The American far left supported Stalin and Hitler back then because of a misguided and amoral belief in world order. Today the left supports open borders for the same reasons. Both then and now they seek to subsume the national interest and, I might point out, their own personal interests in exchange for some demented and artificial fantasy of an authoritarian international order of absolute equality.
When Joe McCarthy took on those who had secretly supported Hitler and Stalin, he was standing up for the same principles back then that Donald Trump is standing up for today.
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